What makes Millettia pinnata a superior, more sustainable biofuel species?

Biofuel / Oil Plantation Crop Comparison

  Oil Palm Jatropha Millettia
Minimum Temperature 16°C 12°C 0°C
Rainfall requirement per year 1,500-3,000mm 600-2,000 250-2,500mm
Harvest Method Manual Mechanised Mechanised
Plantation Carbon Credits Qualified No No Yes
Area managed per plantation worker 10Ha 15Ha 60Ha
Trees Planted Per Hectare 156 3033 1852
Oil Yield / Ha - 3yrs 4.5 9 10
Oil Yield / Ha - 6yrs 11 12 23

Yields above are based on results from plantations that are professionally managed with high quality plant genetics, correct pre-planting soil cultivation, adequate soil nutrition, proper harvesting techniques and high quality processing equipment.

High Yield Millettia vs Regular Pongamia genetics

  Seeds (Per kg) Seed Weight (grams) Oil Content
Millettia Pinnata (Hi-Yield Genetics) 400 2.5 60%
Indian Pongamia Pinnata 1600-2000 0.5-0.6 35-45%

High Yield Millettia Pinnata Seed Genetics Our Millettia trees produce larger heavier seed with 400 seeds/Kg as compared to smaller and lighter 1600-2000 seeds/Kg from Pongamia Varieties of Indian / Asian origin. Our larger heaver seed with higher oil content allow our trees to produce 400-500% higher oil production than regular Pongamia.

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